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“MTANDAO” is a networking seminar that targets women executives with the sole agenda of “Pushing For progress Together”. We bring together corporate leaders, CEO’s and coaches to share their lives and inspire women on what they can do to grow and thrive in their careers and lives.

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The Adira Network

The Adira Network is a program that seeks to empower women with the knowledge, skills and tools to help them grow their careers and find a seat at the leadership table.

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The Managers Leadership Forum

MLF is a leadership development program that seeks to equip managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive as effective, impactful and transformative leaders. The program is founded on the premise that managers should be leaders who while managing resources, provide a conducive working environment that motivates, inspires and challenges people to do that which they are required to do willingly and to the best of their ability.

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Welcome to Adira

Our desire is to help young men and women walk a journey of self discovery so they can rise up to the leadership challenge within the corporate world.  We believe that regardless of our past experiences, there is hope for tomorrow and everyday provides an opportunity to be better and tap into the limitless opportunities within and around us.




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