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The program has challenged me to identify and point out the mistakes I make unconsciously, the biases I have and the excuses I use to justify my shortcoming because of the fact that I am a woman

Colleta Wanjiru

For a long time I have struggled to pitch myself and through this program I have learnt the blunders I have been making and now know how to pitch and brand myself

Frasia Kamau

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Reminiscing On Thika Road

#TBT….ThisIsWhereWeCameFrom I was inspired by my friend Elder Gitonga through his piece on Redesigning Nairobi Road Network. I share his experiences of Thika Road and what he did with it. Abode At the turn of the millennium (AKA 2000) my family moved to Kasarani. Having my single mum finally have her own home was the …

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Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

  “How I wish I could work for someone who inspires and challenges me to be better, someone who is great, someone to look up to. I know such people exist but I am yet to find one and I hope that one day, I can be that person” E. Wanjiru, Auditor.  

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