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Every individual is unique therefore every coaching program needs to be unique!

Leadership Forum

ALF is a leadership development program that seeks to equip anyone in leadership with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive as effective, impactful and transformative leaders. Weather you are leading at the workplace, in the community or in your business....

Personal Coaching

Did you know that coaching helps you increase your self awareness whilst giving you a hand to hold so you position yourself to excel at what you do? Check out our coaching packages that are customized just for you.

Adira Board Club

Do you have a vision board? If yes, who keeps you accountable? Do you wish you had a “board of advisors”: A few good people who you meet regularly to share your ideas, get insights, report on your goals and learn from each other all in a safe space? The Adira Board Club is ....

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I strongly believe that we must empower the men to partner with empowered women. All genders must be empowered for our communities, organizations and nations to succeed and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion.


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Skills Development

The Adira skills development program is designed to offer professionals and entrepreneurs with….

Adira Women’s Network

The Adira Network is a program that seeks to empower women with the knowledge, skills and tools to become confident….

Adira Men’s Forum

The ADIRA MEN’s FORUM has been developed to empower men to find and understand their identity, masculinity…

we create a community of strong leaders

Have you heard of The Adira Mighty Network Community?

Get connected to a community of thriving members and a basket full of free resources for your day to day life challenges.

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"For a long time I have struggled to pitch myself and through this program I have learnt the blunders I have been making and now know how to pitch and brand myself"
Frasia Kamau
Enterprenuer , Data Scientist
“I have learnt that my identity was a mix of other people’s thoughts and conclusions. The facilitators have been real and amazing. They connected with us.”
Isaac Ngunjiri
Banker, MC
"The Adira Men's Forum gave me clarity and emboldened my perspective to my manhood.
It is a safe space to explore your masculinity and get clarity from other men who’ve been there before and done it well.
Ngacha Ituu
"The program has challenged me to identify and point out the mistakes I make unconsciously, the biases I have and the excuses I use to justify my shortcoming because of the fact that I am a woman"
Colleta Wanjiru

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To become successful in life, you must take time to learn yourself, master yourself, learn a skill, master the skill and then give yourself to the service of others

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we create a community of strong leaders

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